About Perm Film Commission

The Perm Film Commission has for an object to promote Perm Krai as an interesting and economically convenient location for shooting films, television series and commercials.

We can provide all the necessary range of services for all kind of filming crews and producers, along with favoring the development of the local companies dealing in audio-visual and film production fields.

We are in a tight co-operation with the State authorities for the purpose of organizing fruitful and efficient business activities. We do our best to make it clear for the authorities, functionaries and managers, how much important it is to support the content production in Perm Krai.

Also, we can consult you about any point in getting necessary authorizations for filming or in organizing the financing of the joint projects.



  • Place for meetings and talks.
  • Help in organizing accommodation, meals and transport for filming crews.
  • Access to the informational databases of actors, accommodation facilities, transport, meals, filming equipment for rent, local film studios, locations and conditions for filming in Perm Krai etc.
  • Assistance in getting necessary authorizations for filming.
  • Informational support for choosing natural sites and locations.
  • Consulting on production and filming staff you can find in Perm Krai.
  • Help in organizing meetings with Krai’s and municipal authorities, culture institutions, industrial enterprises and media.


  • Providing motor transport with drivers, administrators, cinematographers, photographers for touring locations etc.
  • Search for special natural sites and interior locations.
  • Rentals of photo- and filming equipment.
  • Organizing and supervising filming, accommodation, transport, meals, casting, set building, manning filming crews with necessary staff etc.
  • Translation, legal, fiscal services and consultations etc.
  • Providing necessary measures of safety during filming period, including those with participation of the local municipal and road police, emergency service, ambulance, security etc.


These movies have been filmed in the Perm region


Russia, 2010, color, 90 min.
Director: Yuri Schiller

Trilogia II: I skoni tou hronou

Greece, Italy, Germany, Russia, 2008, color, 125 min.
Director: Theo Angelopoulos

Road to Mangazeya

Russia, 2008, color, 44 min.
Director: Jury Volkogon

The Geographer Drank His Globe Away

Russia, 2013, color, 124 min.
Director: Alexander Veledinsky