Stalin Borovsk

Microdistrict of Solikamsk
Solikamsk - 1km, Perm - 212km

This is a micro-district of Solikamsk situated to the north-east of Perm Krai, at 200 km from Perm. In 1949-1959 Borovsk was a separate city.

Between Solikamsk and its micro-district there are a few kilometers of forests, industrial zones and private gardens. Borovsk consists mainly of 5-story blocks of “Khrushchev buildings”, but also you can see 2 or 3-story brick- and private wooden houses. The main enterprise of the micro-district is the Pulp-and-paper Factory.

The most renowned monument of the place is the Ust-Borovsk Salt Factory, unique in its kind. In 1971 this enterprise stopped production, and now it’s a museum.

You can reach Borovsk by car or by bus going regularly from the Perm bus station.