Village Visherogorsk

Perm region, Krasnovishersky district, village Visherogorsk
Krasnovishersk - 20km, Perm - 330km

This is a small housing estate in Krasnovishersk region of Perm Krai, the centre of Visherogorsk settlement. It was founded in 1968 at 330 km from Perm. The population of Visherogorsk is about 500 people.

By the estate on the bank of Vishera river, you can see the Murmuring Rock – a limestone cliff about 60 m high. This name is due to the echo enhancement observed around. By the Murmuring Rock, you can see a tumbledown St. Trinity Church built in 1832.

You can reach Visherogorsk by car. Also, three times a day there’s a bus from Perm to the nearest city of Krasnovishersk.