Verkhnechusovskoy nunnery

Пермский край, Чусовской р-н, пос. Верхне-Чусовские Городки
Chusovoy - 62km, Perm - 80km

The Nunnery (Verkhnechusovskaya Kazan St.Tryphon Hermitage) is situated in Chusovskoy region on the bank of Chusovaya river, at the top of Meteynaya Mountain, at 80 km from Perm. The nearest settlements are: Krasnaya Gorka village and Verkhnechusovskiye Gorodki settlement. 

The first church on this place was built in 1849-1856. Now it’s a complex of several buildings of the nunnery, receiving pilgrims coming to worship local holy places.

From the summit of Meteynaya Mountain one can see a magnificent view of boundless forests and Chusovaya river.

You can reach the place only by car.