Красновишерский район, север Пермского края
Krasnovishersk - 140km, Perm - 440km

They are situated in Krasnovishersky region to the north of Perm Krai at 440 km from Perm.

Kvarkush is the most beautiful and almost 60 km long mountain ridge. Its name in Komi-Permyak language means “Naked Urals”. Kvarkush is an enormous plateau speckled with a few modest heights. Its main peak is Vogul Stone 1066 m high.

The local river of Zhigalan streaming down from the eastern slope of the Kvarkush ridge, forms a 550 m long cascade of waterfalls. The height’s drop from the source down to the mouth of the river is almost 630 m, and the biggest waterfall is 15 m high.

Kvarkush is reachable only by car. The Kvarkush ridge is situated to the south of Zolotanka settlement of Krasnovishersky region.