Пермский край, Кишертский район
Perm - 140km

The Wolf Den is the deepest karstic chasm in Perm Krai. It is situated in Kishert region in the area of the Mazuevskaya karstic depression at 140 km from Perm.

The depth of the den is about 50 m. This is a wide crater blocked up with boulders and covered with forest. Boulders and fallen trees here are overgrown with thick green moss. At the bottom of the den you can find the entrance of Vera Varsonofieva cave. This is a perfect location for shooting horror, mystic and fantasy films.

The Wolf Den is situated near Mazuevka village and you can reach it by car. The nearest railway station is Kishert (at 15 km from Mazuevka). From the village to the Wolf Den you’ll have to go on foot.