Пермский край, Суксунский район
Suksun - 1km, Perm - 150km

This is an urban village at 150 km from Perm.

The name of the village in Turkic languages means “Cold Water”. Suksun is situated at the confluence of Suksun and Sylva rivers.

The symbol of the village is a samovar like those produced here since 1740. In Suksun there’s even a monument to the Samovar. Every year, a festival is organized – its slogan is “To Suksun with your own Samovar”, and in the local history museum you can see an exhibition dedicated to the samovar.

And formerly Suksun factory produced also church bells and steamboats!

One of the natural sights of Suksun is its pond surrounded by the hills. It was built in 1729 together with the factory.

You can reach Suksun by car or by bus regularly going from Perm.