Gremyachinsk - 22km, Perm - 170km

This a settlement situated at 170 km from Perm on the bank of Usva – one of the longest rivers of Perm Krai.

The settlement appeared as a housing estate of the railway station founded here in 1879. It got its name from the local river of Usva which is the right affluent of the Chusovaya river.

The Usva length is 266 km – this is one of the most popular tourist itineraries of Perm Krai. This river is twisting, shallow and rapid. The Usva water is clear and there are many picturesque stones and rocks bordering it. Its most popular rock is 120-m high Usva Stolby (Pillars).

You can reach Usva by car, by train or by bus regularly going from Perm. The river is at 1 km from the settlement.