Chusovoy - 1km, Perm - 135km

This is one of the biggest rivers of Perm Krai.

One of the hypotheses says that the name of the river is derived from Komi-Permyak words “chus” (rapid) and “va” (water). It is true that this river runs fast – Chusovaya has more than 70 sandbars and more than 150 small and big affluents.

The source of the river is Bolshoye Chusovskoye lake to the north of Chelyabinsk region. Then, it crosses Sverdlovsk region, cuts Ural Mountains and enters into Perm Krai joining Kama river. Since ancient times Chusovaya served as a powerful water transport way, and people inhabited its banks since thousands of years.

Along Cusovaya you can find many caverns, grottos and rocks being natural monuments. Many renowned writers dedicated their works to Cusovaya, including Dmitri Mamin-Sibiryak and Alexei Ivanov.

By the efforts of the enthusiast Leonard Postnikov, in 1986 Chusovaya river acquired its own museum. For this purpose, wooden buildings of the XVIII – beginning of the XX centuries, ancient artifacts and other exhibits representing the everyday life of the first Russian settlers were brought to the outskirts of the Chusovoy city.

The ethnographic complex “Museum of the Chusovaya River’s History” is at about 135 km from Perm. You can reach Chusovoy by car, by bus or by train.