This is an open-air architectural and ethnographic museum on Kama riverbank at 43 km from Perm, opened in 1980.

23 wooden architecture monuments dated from the end of the XVII up to the end of the XX centuries are gathered in the Khokhlovka Museum. These are the best specimens of the traditional and religious architecture of Perm Krai nationalities brought here from different regions.

The exhibits dedicated to saltworks that existed in Perm Krai since the XV century, represent a special part of the exposition. You can learn more about this trade seeing the buildings of the Ust-Borovsk saltworks: brine-lifting tower, salt coffer, salt-boiler and salt storehouse. Also you can see an authentic windmill built by the mid-XIX century and a barn for grain storage.

You can go to Khokhlovka by car or by bus regularly going from Perm.