ул. Пермская
Perm - 1km

This is one of the oldest streets of Perm crossing the centre of the city.

Permskaya street was mainly built by the XIX century and here you can find pre-revolutionary wooden and stone houses with small courtyards. At the corner of Permskaya and Komsomolsky avenue you can see an example of Russian wooden architecture – Tokareva estate, and at the corner of Permskaya and Gorky street – Groupillon House built in the 1830s with architectural design of I.Sviyazev in classicism style.

In Soviet times Permskaya street was renamed – it was Kirov street, but now it regained its historical name.

In 2012 a part of the street between intersections with Komsomolsky avenue and Gazety “Zvezda” street, was made pedestrian. Today it’s called “Perm Arbat”. In addition to offices and restaurants, here you can find artisan shops.