Пермь, Дзержинский район
Perm - 10km

This is a micro-district on the right riverbank of Kama in the Dzerzhinsky district of Perm. Locals call it “Proletarka”.

First streets of the micro-district – Nizovskaya and Transportnaya – appeared here in 1938, all the others were built starting from 1955 only. The micro-district has its own railway station “Sortirovochnaya” (formerly before settlements’ appearance this station was called “Proletarskaya”).

Today there are almost no old wooden houses in the micro-district – it is actively developing and built with new modern houses. There are but a few buildings of the 1960s.

In Proletarsky, a Female Prison and a Krai’s Recruiting Centre are situated.

One of the micro-district’s most beautiful sites is its pinery. It occupies a wide area and some of the residential buildings are facing the forest.