Perm region, Chusovoy district, the village Kutschyno
Chusovoy - 15km, Perm - 120km

This is a Memorial Museum of the History of Political Repression “Perm-36”.

The Museum is situated in Kuchino village of Chusovskoy region of Perm Krai. It was created in the former corrective labor prison-camp of GULAG. Law-enforcement officers and political prisoners were its inmates for years. The camp here existed from 1942 until 1988.

You can see 2 divisions of the camp: high security and special security, including housing and working buildings, punishment cells, workshops, forge, power-saw bench, boiler-house etc. At the beginning of the 1990s started the restoration of the camp and in 1996 the Museum “Perm-36” was officially opened.

The Museum is located at about 120 km from Perm. You can reach it by car as well as by public transport means. The bus is regularly going from Perm through Perm-Kachkanar federal highway up to Makhnutino village (turning to Kuchino village, guide sign “Perm-36” Museum”), farther you’ll have to walk 2 km by foot. Also, there’s a bus regularly going from Perm to Chusovoy and then you can take a taxi or a bus # 322 “Chusovoy-Kuchino” going from the local bus station.