Пермь, ул. Петропавловская, 18
Perm - 3km

These are two buildings of the Perm State Ballet School at the centre of Perm, intersection of Petropavlovskaya and Gorki streets.

The first of the two (18 Petropavlovskaya street) was built by the end of the XIX century. In 1889-1891 the second floor was added and the building was enlarged with the architectural design of A.Turchevich. In 1947 it was given to the Ballet School.

The second building (18A Petropavlovskaya street) was built at the beginning of the 1980s for the School Theatre. It was built with the architectural design of Permgrazhdanproekt Institute by the “Trust # 14” (then – a municipal building enterprise). Perm Art Ateliers participated in decorating the building (Mosaic panel “Ballet” decorating the façade was created by V.Golubev).