Perm region, Krasnovishersk,
Dzerzhinsky street, 6A
+7(342) 433-03-27
Perm Krai, Krasnovyshersk,
Gagarin str., 48
+7(342) 433-03-57
Perm region, Krasnovishersk,
Dzerzhinskogo street, 9a
+7(342) 432-21-52

This is a city to the north-east of Perm Krai at 350 km from Perm.

Krasnovishersk and all the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful places in Perm Krai. The city was founded in 1930 at the locus of the former Vizhaikha settlement. Today its main enterprise is the Pulp-and-paper Factory.

The city is located on the bank of Vishera river, one of the biggest rivers of Perm Krai. The river itself attracts a lot of tourists. Its source is located within the area of the Vishera National Park – here you can see many rare birds and animals, and enjoy the natural beauty of the North Urals.

Other tourist sights of the Krasnovishersk region are: mountains Vetlan, Polyud and Pomyanenny. Vetlan is the highest among them and represents an almost vertical complex of high stone rocks. The ancient ruins of Pomyanenny Stone resemble the crest of some giant dinosaur. Polyud and other mountains inspired a number of legends about ancient giants (“bogatyr”) of this land.

In the Krasnovishersk region by Nijniya Yazva village you can see a large (more than 5 surface) beautiful Nyukhti lake. The lake’s banks are swampy and cut with beautiful headlands and creeks.

You can reach Krasnovishersk by car or by bus regularly going from Perm.

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