Perm region, Gremyachinsk,
Lenina str., 166
+7(342) 502-16-03
Perm region, Gremyachinsk,
Lenina str., 191
+7(342) 502-16-94
Perm Krai, Gremyachinsk,
Lenina str., 164a
+7(342) 502-17-70

This is a small industrial city to the north-east of the region at 170 km from Perm. Its population is about 11 000 people.

The city was built in 1941 as a coalfield centre. All the mines functioning for several decades in Gremyachinsk municipal region were closed in the 1990-ties. Today the city and neighboring settlements are in ruin, buildings (especially in the settlements) tumbledown.

You can reach Gremyachinsk by railway (Baskaya station is at 6 km from the city) or by car.

Gremyachinsk в википедии