Пермский край, г. Усолье,
ул. Свободы, 138 а
+7(342) 442-25-94

This is a historical city at 180 km to the north-east from Perm.

The city is situated on the Kama riverbank. Formerly there was Novoye Usolye settlement in this area, and the city was founded in 1606 due to the saltworks development. For a long period it was the main estate of Stroganovs industrialists.

Usolye has a rich history – it possesses more than 40 architecture monuments of the XVII-XIX centuries: churches, mansions etc. It is one of the historical cities of Russia. Many historical buildings are now being restored, even more of them need restoration.

There’s a monument here dedicated to the landing of the space ship “Voskhod-2” in this area on March 19, 1965.

You can reach the city by car or by bus daily going from Perm.

USOLYE в википедии