Пермский край, г. Чердынь,
ул. Успенская, 70
+7(342) 4028089
Пермский край, г. Чердынь,
ул. Юргановская, 67-а
+7(342) 402-85-88
Пермский край, г. Чердынь,
ул. Романовская, д.14
+7(342) 402-95-00

This is one of the oldest cities of Perm Krai situated at 284 km to the north from Perm.

The first settlements at this picturesque site on Kolva riverbank appeared by the IX to X century. For a long time Cherdyn was an active commercial city, but it lost its strategic importance in 1597 when a high road going to Siberia through Solikamsk was open. Nevertheless until the beginning of the XX century, Cherdyn was home for the richest and most renowned merchants of Perm Krai.

Today Cherdyn is one of the historical cities of Russia. It possesses more than 100 history and culture’ monuments. In the Cherdyn region the scientists continue their archaeological studies and excavations sometimes discovering the most interesting ancient artifacts. In summertime nearby Cherdyn you can visit an ethnographic festival “Zov Parmy” (“The Call of Parma”). 

The northern nature of the Cherdyn region has its own temper – thick forests stretching for long kilometers and rivers: Kolva, Berezovaya, Vishera and Kama – with their beauty cast a spell over everybody. Here you can find rare animals and plants.

You can reach Cherdyn by car or by bus regularly going from Perm. By train, you can come to one of the nearest cities – Solikamsk or Berezniki and then travel about 80 km by bus to reach Cherdyn.

CHERDYN в википедии