Perm Krai, Kungur,
Sovetskaya str., 26
+7(342) 712-42-83
Perm Region, Kungur,
Bachorina str., 56a
+7(342) 713-68-19
Perm Krai, Kungur,
Bachurina str., 56
+7(342) 713-62-24

This is an old merchants’ city at 84 km from Perm situated on the banks of Sylva, Iren and Shakva rivers.

Kungur was built at the beginning of the XVII century as a commercial port, that’s why still you can see a lot of old merchants’ estates there. There’s even an ancient mall (Gostiny Dvor) – a symbol of the merchants’ past of Kungur. Another Gostiny Dvor is now occupied by the Merchants’ History Museum.

In Kungur you can enjoy the magnificent views of seven beautiful churches – architecture’ monuments of the XVIII-XX centuries.

Also, you can see a few sculptures: “Samovar” – a monument to Alexei Gubkin, renowned merchant and former mayor of Kungur, “Nikita-Letun” – a monument to the aerostatics, and “The Hub of the Universe”.

You can reach Kungur by car or by bus regularly going from Perm. Also, there’s a station of the famous Trans-Siberian railway.