618417 Berezniki Perm Krai Russia, 1,
Sovetskaya Sq.
+7(342) 426-21-15
Perm Krai, Berezniki,
T/C "Orange Mall", Pyatiletki str, 150
+7(342) 422-49-47
Perm Krai, Berezniki, Bolshevistskij Avenue, 5
+7(342) 420-10-12

Berezniki is rated second city of Perm Krai as per its population (150 000 people) and its economy. It’s situated at 170 km to the north from Perm, at the foot of Ural Mountains, on the left bank of Kama river.

Berezniki was founded in 1932 and most local buildings represent graphic examples of the soviet architecture at that time. This is the city of many chemical enterprises like “AVISMA”, “Azot” or “Uralkali” – the biggest ones in this field in Russia.

You can reach Berezniki by train as well as by car.

Berezniki в википедии