Село Лысьвенского района, расположенное в 190 км от Перми.
LYSVA - 72km, Perm - 190km

This settlement is situated in Lysva region at 190 km from Perm. Formerly it was a workmen’s settlement of the Stroganovs’ metal works founded in 1760.

Kyn and its surroundings are very picturesque: here you can see thick forests, hills and rocks, Chusovaya river winding in the valley, architecture’ monuments. The most important monuments of the village are St.Trinity Church and metal works facilities built by the XVIII and XIX centuries.

Not far from Kyn along Chusovaya river, you can see high rocks Velikan, Denezhny, Multyk and others. A popular tourist itinerary is traversing the village by river. From the river, one can see Kyn’s pier made of big stone blocks.

You can reach Kyn by car, or by train from Perm to Kyn station, although from the station you’ll have 15 km more to go to the village.