Пещера расположена в Ледяной горе вблизи Кунгура, на расстоянии около 84 км от Перми.
Kungur - 3km, Perm - 84km

This is one of the most popular tourist sites of Perm Krai. The cavern is situated inside the Ice Mountain (Ledyanaya Gora) at the outskirts of Kungur at 84 km from Perm.

The length of the Kungur Ice Cavern is about 5700 m. It consists of 48 grottos, about 60 lakes and 146 “organ tubes” including the highest one of 22 m. Here you can see a variety of glaciers, stalactites and stalagmites.

Today the Cavern is functioning as a museum and you can visit it without any alpinist skills or equipment, the cavern itself being well-equipped and lit.

You can reach Kungur Ice Cavern by car, by bus or train regularly going from Perm to Kungur – with farther going by a taxi or a municipal bus. The cavern is at 3 km from the city.