Perm region

Perm Krai is situated in the western part of the North and Middle Urals at the junction of Europe and Asia. It forms a part of the Privolzhye Federal Okrug. The administrative centre of the Perm Krai is the city of Perm with 1 000 679 population (2012). Perm Krai includes among others Komi-Permyak Okrug. Federal code of Perm Krai is 59.


The area of the Perm Krai is 160 236,5 The Krai is situated to the East of the European part of Russia, in the basin of Kama river which is one of the biggest Volga’s affluents. From the North, Perm Krai borders on Komi Republic, from the West – on Kirov Region and Udmurtia, from the South – on Sverdlovsk Region.

Perm Krai is in the 4th time zone, which means Moscow time +2 hours.


Through all the Perm Krai, it’s a temperate continental climate with warm summers and long snowy winters.

In Perm Krai, the warmest month is July with average temperature from +15ºC to +18,5ºC. In summer time, often temperature reaches +30ºC and up.

In Perm Krai, the snow cover normally settles within November and stays until the end of March. Average temperature in winter time is from -18,5ºC to -15ºC.


The Western part of the Perm Krai is mainly a flat country, but as going farer East and closer to the Ural Mountains, it changes. The highest peaks of Perm Krai (more than 1000 m) are situated to the North: Tulym and Molebny Stones, Isherim ans Martay Mountains.


Water resources of Perm Krai are very rich: it possesses more than 29 thousand rivers, about 800 lakes, almost 500 ponds and 1000 swamps, plus 3 reservoirs with total area of more than 3000

The biggest and longest rivers of Perm Krai are: Kama, Chusovaya, Sylva and Vishera. Among Perm Krai’s water arteries you can find rapid mountain rivers featuring waterfalls and magnificent bordering rocks, and calm plain-rivers with peaceful creeks and backwaters.


Large forests of different species (spruce, fir, birch, pine and others) occupy about 2/3 of the Perm Krai’s area. In the Northern part of it, the forests are mainly coniferous (spruce and fir), in the Southern part – they’re leaf woods. Meadows and pastures occupy but 10% of the Perm Krai’s area.

In Perm Krai, you can find about 60 species of mammals, more than 200 species of birds, almost 40 species of fish, 6 species of reptiles and 9 species of amphibia. The symbol of Perm Krai is a brown bear that lives everywhere in Perm Krai’s forests. Unfortunately, the number of bears nowadays is decreasing. Also, in Perm Krai you can find martens, weasels, in the northern regions – wolverines, in the southern and central regions – otters and badgers.

The most common cloven-hoofed species is the moose.

In Perm Krai you can see some birds of prey like eagles, owls, crows and magpies, as well as some birds of passage like starlings, thrushes, rooks and martins. Also, in Perm Krai you can find wood, black, hazel grouses, crossbills and several species of tomtits.